Dear Friends,

I am really excited to announce my Spirit of the Ozarks Canoe is now on Public display in Bella Vista Arkansas at the Bella Vista Country Club and Golf Course. My 17 foot long canoe sits across a bridge leading to miles of walking trails located around Bella Vista and Bentonville. The canoe is covered with horses, fish, otters, flowers, dragonfly, butterflies, and much more. As you look up from beneath it you can see the hand cut artwork against the sky. It also casts shadows of art on the ground below. I have three more full size canoe art pieces finished now with more on the way. 
My canoes take a long time to finish and each one is a one of a kind work of art. My other canoes have different themes. One is the buffalo River Theme with Buffalo and elk covering it’s sides, Number three has a Southern Alligator Swamp theme which includes Gar fish, an otter, and largemouth bass. My fourth canoe has a Salt water theme with Marlin, sailfish, Grouper, and other salt water marine life and I’ve also included an Octopus. More to come! Thanks for letting me share my one of a kind metal art with you!  God Bless! Bob
Bob Parker Fine Metal Art & Canoe Art